Third Party Scholarships

What is a THIRD-PARTY scholarship?

Also known as “outside scholarships,” third-party scholarships can help fill the financial gap if some or all your academic tuition isn’t covered by other sources. Many people think third-party scholarships come from the government or colleges themselves, but there are many other outside scholarships that offer aid such as community centers, churches, and local organizations. They’re also different from other types of grants or scholarships (like athletic or academic scholarships) in that they’re usually awarded based on your demographic or interests, and most require a written essay.

Things to consider with third-party scholarships

  • You will often have the best odds of being selected for a local scholarship because the applicant pool is smaller than state or national scholarships.
  • Prioritize the scholarships where you meet the most requirements.
  • Even if you don't meet all of the requirements, still apply! Many scholarships are left unclaimed because they don't have enough applicants.
  • Utilize online scholarship databases to search for scholarships.
  • When looking for scholarships, be careful of scams.
  • You should NEVER have to pay money to apply for or receive a scholarship.
  • Never provide any personally identifying information, such as your driver's license number, Social Security Number, or checking account information as part of a scholarship application process.

Scholarships From Our Partners


FAPSC Foundation Scholarship

The FAPSC Foundation’s mission is to provide tuition assistance to qualifying individuals interested in

pursuing education/careers through FAPSC member schools.

FAPSC Foundation Scholarship

Recognizing the importance of career education, the FAPSC Foundation Scholarship was created to provide assistance to qualifying students interested in pursuing education through FAPSC member schools. The scholarship provides tuition...


Beauty Changes Lives | MUD Make up Scholarship: $25,000

Generously funded by Make-up Designory (MUD), the MUD Makeup Scholarship offers five $2,500.00 scholarships twice a year for a total of $25,000. The MUD scholarship is open to any student attending an AACS member school who is enrolled in any program that offers a MUD makeup course.

Established in 2016, the MUD Makeup Scholarship is the first Beauty Changes Lives program focused on makeup artistry. Beauty Changes Lives President Lynelle...


Summit Salon Academy Annual Scholarship: $15,000

Summit Salon Business Center is the largest salon and spa consulting company in the world. Their mission is to improve the professional beauty industry one service provider at a time. This means starting at the Academy level. To support the Summit Salon Academy locations across the country, Summit Salon Business Center offers an annual scholarship for students of Summit Salon Academy.

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 4.48.09 PM.png

Denise Soto Scholarship $1,500

Summit Salon Academy – Tampa is thrilled to present a scholarship to a commendable student in the name of Denise Soto who passed away January 15, 2011 of complications from breast cancer. Denise was the owner of Summit Salon Academy in Perrysburg, Ohio. Denise was an intense spiritual person and allowed her faith to provide her direction. Her desire to help others led her to assist families that had children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome,...


The “Over the Top” Scholarship $1,500

The “Be on B” scholarship is awarded by Summit Salon Academy’s Advisory Board.

A core component of Summit Salon Academy’s Summit Salon™ level system is the “Be on B” principle. As Michael Cole says, “You Gotta Be on B!” It is derived from Summit Salon Business Center’s 4 quadrants of coaching and mentoring.

Be on B means that you possess a positive attitude which puts you in the Top 20 percent in the beauty industry. You live...


Sephora Scholarship Program

At Sephora, they believe in the beauty of diversity and the diversification of the beauty industry. They created the Sephora Scholarship Program to EMPOWER diverse students including students of color pursuing a licensed career in beauty through professional training and education. This annual, six-month program provides participants with tuition for cosmetology and esthetician school, an internship at Sephora, firsthand industry experience,...