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Is Massage Therapy the career you’ve been looking for?

If you are looking for a career with flexibility, high demand, great potential income, rewarding work, and low stress. Then this is the career for you!

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Massage Therapy is in a high demand, because people are always seeking ways to relax in this stressful world. Not to mention, therapeutic massage has become a recognized and accepted treatment option for many health concerns and is in approximately 40% of hospitals in the US.


Massage is a rewarding career. In this career you spend everyday help people feel better. Your clients look forward to seeing you, because you make a difference in their lives.


There are hundreds of types of massage and bodywork that you can choose to specialize in and receive advanced training. With lots of opportunities for continue learning and growth.

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Flexible work schedule and environments. Working a traditional 9-5 job isn’t for everyone. Most massage therapists work part-time limiting the number of hours that they work to 25-30 hours per week and can choose to work in a variety of settings. Such as, your own office or treatment room, your client’s home, an established massage office, a health clinic, with a chiropractor, in a gym or health facility, a hospital, in corporate offices, a spa, salon or hotel. The flexibility is endless.


Massage therapy is a slow-paced practice, that is performed in serene environments designed to reduce stress and anxiety. In assisting others to relax, you yourHubSself become relaxed.

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