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Explore a Future in Healing: Join Massage Therapy School at Summit Salon Academy Tampa

Thinking about a career that lets you help others while offering flexibility and great income potential? Summit Salon Academy Tampa’s Massage Therapy program is designed for go-getters like you, ready to make a mark in the health and wellness industry. Here’s why our program rocks!

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Dynamic Curriculum

Our courses aren’t just about reading textbooks; they’re about getting your hands moving and your mind learning through action:

  1. Human Anatomy: Dive into the mechanics of the human body. It’s like a user manual for effective therapy techniques!

  2. Diverse Massage Techniques: From soothing Swedish massages to energizing sports massage, learn how to master each method through hands-on practice.

  3. Understanding Pathology: Get the lowdown on common ailments and how your magic hands can help alleviate your clients’ discomfort.

  4. Entrepreneurial Skills: Dream of running your own business? We’ve got the tools and tips to help you open your own massage therapy studio.

  5. Real-World Practice: Step into our student clinic and work with real clients under expert supervision, boosting your confidence and refining your skills.

Prepping for Success

We don’t just teach you massage; we prepare you to ace the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) and get you ready to snag your license without a hitch.

Beyond School Support

Worried about what comes after graduation? Don’t be. Our dedicated career services team will help you craft the perfect resume, kill it in interviews, and find your dream job.

Why Choose Us?

At Summit Salon Academy Tampa, you’re not just another student. You’re an up-and-coming wellness professional. Our vibrant community, modern teaching methods, and commitment to your success set us apart. Ready to start your journey in a career that’s all about helping people feel their best? We’re here to make it happen.

Massage therapy is more than a job; it’s a lifestyle that offers freedom, flexibility, and the joy of making a positive impact every day. If you want a career that moves with you, Summit Salon Academy Tampa is your next step. Let’s get those hands ready to heal the world!