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Full Specialist Program

Summit Salon Academy Tampa is a Dermalogica partner school. Our full specialist program curriculum addresses every aspect of the skill set needed to succeed in our industry, from performing painless extractions, perfecting hands and feet and delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Full specialist (skin care and nail) training at Summit Salon Academy includes theory and practical instruction that prepares the student to perform nail, skin care, and makeup services for the public.

Program Objective

The objective is to prepare the student to qualify for State of Florida registration and to become a Licensed Skin Care and Nail Specialist and enter the field of beauty.

Program Costs

Registration Fee: $100.00
Tuition: $7,500.00
Books & Kit: $3,700.00
Program length: 5 Months - Full Time
7 Months - Part Time
Payment plan: $3,700.00 down payment due 30 days before class starts
$1,500.00 due each month after for 5 months - Full Time
$1,071.43 due each month after for 7 months - Part Time

**The above down payment and payment plan is for cash paying students. If a student uses financial assistance their payment plan will be customized to their unique situation on their finance plan.

For a detailed Cost of Attendance that includes direct costs (charged by the institution such as tuition, fees, books, course materials, supplies, and equipment) and indirect costs (costs that may be incurred outside the institution such as living expenses, miscellaneous personal expenses, loan fees, and transportation) please visit our Financial Need, Cost of Attendance, and Net Price Calculator page

Program Schedules


Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm


Monday-Thursday 6:00pm-9-:30pm & Saturday 9am-5:00pm

Program Outline

FS 201 Orientation

Overview of Summit Salon Academy’s skin care and nail specialist program and general ethics.

FS 202 Laws & Regulations

An overview of Florida law, rules, and regulations in relation to consumer protection for both health and economic matters.

FS 203 Personal Development, Healthy Mind & Body, Effective Communication & Purposeful Relationships

Discussions surrounding stress management, nutrition and ergonomics, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, and teamwork and ethics as they pertain to a skin care environment.

FS 204 Skin Care Center Ecology, Microbiology, Infection Control, First Aid, HIV & AIDS

The use of chemical agents and ultraviolet rays to sanitize implements and equipment in the salon against bacterial, viral, and parasitic growth. Discussions of first aid as related to protection and the promotion of good health practices in the community.

FS 205 Anatomy, Building Blocks of the Human Body and Basic Body Systems

The study of cells, tissues, organs, and body systems.

FS 206 Electricity and Electrical Equipment

Principles of basic electricity, effects of electrotherapy and electrical equipment as used in the Esthetics field.

FS 207 Chemistry: The Chemistry of Matter & Cosmetic Products & Ingredients

Classification of matter and biochemical components as they pertain to the body and skin. Understanding pH, cosmetic products, and ingredients in accordance with cosmetic regulations.

FS 208 Skin Physiology, The Integumentary System and Skin Care

The study of the functions and layers of the skin. The in-depth comprehension of skin cell formation, skin conditions, and skin behavior.

FS 209 Client Care, Treatments & Services

Principles of greeting, analyzing, and assessing skin prior to treatments. Proper techniques for delivery and completion of spa services.

FS 210 Facials, Facial Care, and Facial Services

Practices and procedures associated with facial manipulations, skin analysis, manual extractions, and touch therapies as they relate to basic facial treatments. Understanding techniques for masques, lash tinting, brow tinting, eye lash applications, and product knowledge associated with supplementary spa services.

FS 211 Hair Removal Methods, Hair Growth & Waxing Services

Theories of methods used in hair removal. Identification of acceptable techniques involved in permanent and temporary removal while implementing proper infection control and public safety practices.

FS 212 Makeup Design and Services

Theory as it applies to the law of color, identifying face shapes and features, and makeup products and techniques. Use of proper application methods, classifying skin tones and appropriate matching systems for base, eyes, lips, contours, and highlights. Comprehensive make-up applications in ranges from natural to corrective aspects.

FS 213 Advanced Treatments and Therapies, Face and Body Treatments, and Massage Techniques

Practices and procedures as they relate to microdermabrasion, superficial chemical peels, and the knowledge of a wide array of advanced body treatments.

FS 214 Esthetician in the Medical Field, The Medical Environment and Advanced Training

Discussions of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery as they apply to Estheticians in a medical practice. Overview of aesthetic regulations for continuing education and scope of practice for skin care professionals.

FS 215 Professional Development & Career Building

Techniques required for goal setting, finding a job, networking, building a clientele, selling, and lifelong learning.

FS 216 Business Basics

Principles of starting a business with emphasis on finances, business essentials, and plans for a successful skin care center. Overview of hiring and policies and procedures related to Skin Care.

FS 217 Fundamentals of Artificial Nail Services

Instruction in the most common artificial nail systems that include nail wraps, acrylic nails, gel nails, and application techniques. Additionally, this section includes functions and use of all products, implements, supplies and equipment required for these nail services.

FS 218 Natural Nail Services

Instruction in basic and advanced manicure and pedicure service and procedures. This includes hand and foot massage techniques. Also includes proper use and instruction on all necessary equipment, supplies, implements, and products to achieve these services.

FS 222 Employment Skills

Interview training and resume preparation.

Summit Salon Academy Global Platform:

  • Dermalogica Partner School
  • Real-world salon and spa experience
  • Access to the International Summit Salon™ Community
  • Summit Salon™ career path
  • Summit Salon™ business building skills
  • Job placement services
  • Scholarships available

Upon completion of our full specialist program, you will receive a diploma.

Got a question? Call the admissions office directly at (813) 908-8020 or send us an email.