A Redken Premier School, MUD Partner School, and Dermalogica Partner School.


Michael Cole

Public Figure, Author, Summit Salon Business Center Facilitator

“Graduates that I have featured on my Facebook Live broadcast from Summit Salon Academy have been able to earn more and be featured in Top 20 recognitions. Whatever idea I had about what stylists could do, pales in comparison to the reality of the potential of students at the Summit Salon Academy.

The one’s who CHOOSE to show up every day, use technology to gain referrals and track and plan for their success reach amazing heights in school and work up to tremendous heights in a Summit Salon. There is just nothing else like it.”



Blake Reed Evans

Summit Salon Academy, Tampa Alumni 2010
Redken Artist, Level 4 Stylist at Shear Art Salon & Spa
“Attending Summit Salon Academy was the best decision I have ever made. With a combination of technical teaching and social teaching, SSA has provided me the tools necessary to create a successful career. Not only did I learn the skills needed to execute behind the chair, I also learned the money management skills needed to exceed in life. Summit Salon Academy instilled wealth mentality and passion for continued education that led me on a path of excellence. “
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