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Caring for Your Body Behind the Chair




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Andrew Currothers, Education Director for Sam Villa



“Here is a quick hot tip on a part of body positioning that doesn’t get enough focus.

About a year ago I had to go through some really expensive and really intensive physical therapy and daily exercises for problems in my neck. It was all because of some bad habits I had developed early in my career. What that bad habit was was hanging my neck forward to see what I was working on.

Most of the time when our guest is in the chair, they are usually below us.

So let’s say I’m trying to get in some detail on this fringe. My tendency would be to come in and drop the neck down to see closely and get at eye level with that fringe. Now what that does- is it hangs those top couple vertebrae forward and literally my top two vertebrae had sunken forward- and that’s where that physical therapy had to begin.

So here are some hot tips on what to do to avoid that type of injury.


  1. Raise your guest up

There are times that the chair will go plenty high enough to get you more eye level with your work.


  1. Bringing your body down and working more from knees and core

This keeps yourself balanced and keeps you from feeling like you have to hang your head forward.


  1. Start using a cutting stool

We developed the Sam Villa Cutting Stool as something very comfortable and maneuverable to allow us to go ahead and take a seat, be more comfortable and put us at eye level very easily. It takes the stress off of our legs, back and core because I get to relax a little bit. It’s nice to break up the day.


We hope this helps you with your longevity behind the chair!

Make sure you get a buddy in the salon who can give you a nudge if they see you going into bad body position.”



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